Things You Mustn’t Wear on a Plane

It is more important to know and be aware of what to wear and what not to wear particularly on a plane is very crucial. There are different types of in-flight risk factors that may direct and indirectly affect passengers such as cramped seats, immobility during a long trip, dehydration, low cabin pressure, swollen or red limbs, Deep vein thrombosis etc. you can read more at

Here are few things that you shouldn’t wear on a plane:

  • You shouldn’t indulge in tight clothing but wear only natural and breathable fabrics. It is to be remembered that in the already-limiting space of an airplane seat, tight clothes can usually restrict blood flow. It causes the risk of deep vein thrombosis which needs immediate medical attention. Therefore, do indulge in wearing only loose-fitting natural fiber garments to give your skin largely some breathing room with lot of perfection.
  • You shouldn’t indulge with High heels but wear only comfortable shoes or slippers. It is to be highly noted that high heels largely causes risks such as hammer toe, chronic foot, prolonged numbness, etc. In case of emergency, a person with high heels exactly doesn’t facilitate a clean exit under any conditions, circumstances and situations. Moreover, you may not be comfortable and convenient to walk those miles in the airport terminals.  It is best to consider only slip-on shoes for your air trip to a great extent.


  • You shouldn’t use cologne or perfume but wear only freshly washed clothes.  It is to be highly noted that stale air is recycled in a successful manner throughout the cabin.  On a plane, odors are actually intensified, where passengers are totally cramped in very close quarters. You have to pass the sniff test and personal security check-up at airports.
  • You should wear any kind of offensive clothing but anything that you would wear for a good occasion or events in personal and professional life. Most of the flight operators don’t allow or deny boarding pass for passengers who wear offensive clothing that has image depiction or controversial statements written on clothes. This may make the follow passengers and crew feel uncomfortable. The dress code that is appropriate for a family airline is only allowed by flight operators.

You can share your do and don’ts related travel at so that other travelers like you can be benefited to a great extent. It is really important to understand certain things and strictly follow best things to make a trip comfortable and convenient.