Complete Guide about buses from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka

The common destination for weekend trips with family or friends or for couple Melaka is the best destination to enjoy. This tour best suit to everyone as the temperature and climate is very cool there and any one can enjoy the nature there. The nature is very clean and clear. To travel to Melaka Kuala Lumpur is the destination one should have reached first. From that Kuala Lumpur there are so many buses for the tourists. There are so many attraction places in Melaka for the tourists to enjoy. It takes about 2 and half hours from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka in the bus journey. Bus journey is the shortest route to reach to Melaka other than flight or trains. The route in which the bus travels is also very nice to see and the nature is very cool. One can enjoy the nature there. After the completion of the trip the tourists have this trip as a memorable trip and one can see this trip once in their life time.


The bus from KL to Melaka has been scheduled from morning 7.00 Am on wards and will be there up to 9.30 pm. From morning to night and for every 3o minutes there will be at least one bus. As the route is very good and it is the fastest route and also eco friendly route there are so many buses and also the time taking to reach the destination is also very less. The ticket fare is also very less. One can choose the buses based on the ticket fare in online. In online there is complete information on all the buses and the ticket fare which is easily understandable to every common man. There are also lot of travel guides to help you. One can take their help about this trip. Those people will guide you and they will cover all the places one has to see in Melaka. Many people do not know much about Melaka tour who came from other countries. For those people there are trip advisors to help you. They will tell complete itinerary and they will charge for this. Based on the number of days you want to spend in Melaka they will plan accordingly. There are also lot of cabs to reach to Melaka.