All You Need to Know About Canada Resident Visa

Canada is known to be an economically progressive country with huge number of immigrant community coming from different cultures. Easy immigration procedure is the reason of attraction of thousands of PR status aspirants every year.

The Canadian government has made a quite a few of changes entry rules. Before moving to further details let’s know what is a PR card? It is the official proof of your status as a permanent resident in Canada.  Why do you need a PR card in Canada? If you are a permanent resident or you planning to travel outside Canada or you planning to return to Canada by any commercial means you will require a your PR card.

 It will be now compulsory to carry and either show your PR card or permanent resident travel document (PRTD) while boarding a flight to Canada or travelling via any commercial carriers.  In case you don’t have your PR Card or PRDT that is not going to be a happy news for you since you will not be able to board any of your flight train bus a boat to Canada.

 If you are a permanent resident it is not required to apply for PR Card since you will automatically receive it by mail while applying for your immigration process.In case your card is about to expire or if you lost destroyed or your PR card is stolen you can always apply for a new one.

Eligibility for a  permanent resident card Canada:

  • One must be a permanent resident of Canada .
  • One is required to be physically present in Canada 730 days in the past 5 years.
  • One should not be under an effective removal order.
  • It is not necessary for you to be a Canadian citizen.
  • One must not be convicted of any offence for the misuse of a PR card.

If you don’t live in Canada and don’t have a PR card to return you can get a permanent resident travel document from Canadian visa office.

 Canada is regarded as one of the favourable countries for people to move in for work or live with their families. All you need is a Canada resident visa and it has become very easy to obtain it. To get up Canada PR visa you get  various options as the offer around 60 immigration programs. The candidate is nominated according to the comprehensive ranking system on the basis of age, education ,skills, work experience, adaptability rate and language ability.

Why do you need a Canada resident visa?

If you are willing to live and work anywhere within the country you will require a Canada resident visa as it will serve as a proof that you have been living in Canada legally.

What are the Perks of having Canada resident visa?

A person holding a Canada resident visa enjoys quite a few of benefits and rights similar to the Canadian citizen.

      A  Person can live and work anywhere within the country. You can easily apply for a Canadian citizenship in case you complete 3 years of living in Canada. You will also enjoy low tax rate system employment related benefits and other social and economical benefits of Canada.

What do you require for a Canada resident visa?

  • You must fulfill the age bar of the program.
  • You must at least know either English or French
  • You should be educationally qualified as per the Canadian education system
  • You must have enough funds to settle down in Canada.

Some of the popular programs to get a Canada PR visa is Express entry program, provincial nominee program, Quebec selected skilled worker program, sponsorship program and startup visa.