Create your music collection with Youtube to Mp4 converter for free

Every single music video out there in the world is available on YouTube today. Did you know that thousands of music videos are uploaded on YouTube every single day? It is impossible to not be able to locate your favorite music, whether it is from this era or a different one, if you were to search for it online.

With the availability of music videos and a reliable internet connection, there is nothing that stands between you and your favorite music.

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The best part of downloading music videos and saving them to your handheld device or music player in the mp4 format with the help of youtube converter is that you get to do this for free, and there are no limits whatsoever, on the number of videos you can perform this action with.

There couldn’t be an easier way to create a repertoire of music videos that will allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks, whenever you choose to. You can create playlists, group your favorite songs into albums, and enjoy it one at a time whenever you choose to.


YouTube is well-known for bringing out the most recent and updated videos online. Hundreds of users and channels are dedicated to bringing out the latest in songs and albums, soon after they are available to the public. With this method, it will not be a surprise if CDs are obsolete soon enough. And all this is to our benefit. We can find every single music video that we always loved, convert these with the help of the converter into their corresponding MP3 format which is compatible with almost every music player, and save it for our future reference. With file sizes that are much smaller than in any audio format, it is easy and practical to use and listen to, from wherever you are. You can even transfer it from one device to another with ease. Never again will you have to worry about not having your favorite tracks to soothe you, when you are away from home, or stuck in a place for hours without anything to do.

Check out huge collection that is available on multiple sites to have your own music library just by providing a space in your mobile or computer memory. Need not worry if you don’t find all the songs you have selected on single site as there are many other sites that can help you in fulfilling your requirement. Have fun anytime and anywhere you wish to play your favorite track from your library.