Alternate appstore for android

       We need something to experience the new in every day. Variety is what need in our life.  We don’t want to get bored in our life.  So whatever we buy, we show more concentration.  Smartphone are one the thing that we show more interest in buying them.  Its popularity and usage is increased than the last decade.  The main reason we choose the android mobile than the other operating system is wide range of applications.  Using the same application may bore you.   Expect the default applications we always try to update our mobile with the new applications. Every one of us wants to be in the trend.   Gaming world is developing day by day. A new game is developed and released for the android every day. We check the application store every day.  Not only the game application, but also the others such as music, movie and social applications are developing day by day.


               The application developing companies are increased since the last decade.  The demand of mobile application is increased among the people. The popular companies show the interest in developing the application once.  But now a day, these developing companies are started in every corner of the city.  Thus increase the availability of the applications.

               9apps is the now trending among the android users. This application works as another app store for   android mobiles. You can also find these applications in the Blackberry mobiles. Unlike the other application they consume very less space. You need not worry about the storage problem. Storage problem is one of the major problems in many mobiles. In order to use many applications, you need good storage capacity.  Hanging and other problems may occur with the low storage and RAM.  When buying the mobiles, it is essential to check its storage capacity. You can find all the application in this application store.  They also send you the notification if any new application is released.   These applications are one of the most downloaded applications in the internet. .  They are user friendly than the other application store.  You can also download the songs, pictures, movies in this application. They are highly secured application among the all.  Not only downloading the application but also you can update the application using this application.

             The only thing that controls you in selecting the application for your mobile is application is operating System. Operating systems such as windows have very few amount of application.   You should be aware of the operating system and availability of application before buying the mobile phones.