What phones under 10000 has that is worthy of buying

Budget friendly devices are always a welcoming gesture. These budget smart phones might not have the best of the best specs of the year but they do have their strengths. But don’t get it wrong these devices could easily pass as a flagship device based on their features 2 years ago, so technically you still got the specs of a flagship device (just not this year).

But you can’t complain, these devices also have their strengths. There is also what you call as flagship from not so very popular brands but their specs are almost in par with the flagships of today. So what do phones under 10000 has to offer to you this 2017?

Price: The most important reason why you’re buying a budget friendly device. For the people that can’t afford or won’t buy a pricier phone the likes of the Samsung S8, iPhone7, Huawei P10, Motorola Z play, they go to the next best thing. The phones that is closer to the high-end specs of today for a very reasonable price. These devices are even better to use if you plan to root your device since they don’t cost that much.

Updated OS: It doesn’t mean that if they aren’t on the high-end stuff that can pass as a flagship device doesn’t mean that their OS isn’t updated. One of the selling points of a smart friendly device is its updates and how it’s well built to compliment the OS.

Battery: Some has great batteries, if there is one thing that some budget friendly smartphones have it’s having a larger battery. Given that our smart phone no longer lasts a full day without charging these devices offers a good battery life that is always a welcoming to anyone.

Camera: it doesn’t mean that it’s a budget friendly device that the camera sucked big-time. Decent don’t even come to describe the cameras that these devices have. It may not be on par with a flagship device’s camera but it certainly isn’t bad and will still give you that “wow” factor.

Build: It doesn’t mean that budget friendly devices are built with lesser quality. These devices still give you that well build device that still feels solid and nice in the hand.

In general Budget friendly devices isn’t all that bad, they still do have strengths that it can brag about and worthy to be bought. Sometimes with your needs you don’t need a flagship device; sometimes you just need a budget friendly device that you can use that fits you and your lifestyle.