Who says men can’t look sexy in their underwear? For a long while now, women have been the only gender that get to enjoy the pleasure of feeling sexy and attractive in their underwear, but the game has changed. With the new range of men’s sexy underwear, men have the opportunity to flaunt their sexiness and feel special. Malebasics online has introduced a new brand of male erotic underwear, malebasics is an actual brand for male lingerie, the brand has come to change the idea on gender-specific underwear. Although it has not yet become a mainstream style, it has grown in popularity as the number of men that are trying out this lightweight, breathable, super sexy fabric has increased gradually.mens sexy underwear

MOB Eroticwear from Malebasics makes use of the material used for feminine lingerie and then makes it into styles that are aimed at showing off the male physique in a sexy manner. From underwear ranging from thongs, shorts and bodysuits, each MOB male underwear features a lace pouch in front which has a contouring seam that is designed to give the male parts more defined. This brand of mens sexy underwear brings a new level to male sexiness by taking design and teasing to new and improved level by producing male underwear in a wide array of cuts, colors and designs. Every underwear from this brand is delicately styled and is made to be durable and will can be used in the washer and dryer without fear of getting damaged. And the sexiness offered by this brand doesn’t stop there. It also features a range of arousing mesh and fishnet underwear choices in addition. This sexy and innovative Mesh underwear is made with the use of a lightweight material that gives room for proper breathability. This particular feature has made it a popular underwear choice for men. If you are one that has a wild side feel free to express your wildness, try the fishnet range, fishnet is a fabric that features an open mesh design that resembles a fishing net, but in a sexy manner.