Almost all of the folks knew that the Boppy Nursing Pillow is basically the golden standard when it comes to baby feeding essentials. You’ve even seen Nina use it in that past when demonstrating how to get the best latch when breastfeeding a baby. It’s a must-have item for all new families! Whether we’re talking breast or bottle, it really makes no difference. If you’re feeding a newborn, you’re going to want a Boppy. I personally love mine so much that I have two one for upstairs, and one for downstairs. You may think that this is pure laziness needing two Boppies but when you’re the lucky mommy of three beautiful, healthy little girls under the age of four like me, you have to find ways to make life easier. That being said, not everyone realizes what an incredible tool the Boppy is outside the confines of feeding time. So attend please Mommies, since I am here to say you that you’re Boppy is your new best friend!  When living in the city, maximizing what space you have and minimizing purchasing frivolous things is the difference between living in a cluttered mess and having an organized abode. Throw a new baby into the mix and their accompanying lists of most needed, your home can easily change into a cluttered nightmare! To avoid this as much as possible, it is ideal to purchase things with multiple uses. The boppy pillow is one of the best materials which occupy limited space in your home and gives maximum output to you in the initial year of your child

Uses for a Boppy Pillow

The Maintenance for Caregiver for the period of Breast- feeding: The boppy pillow and other nursing pillows were intended to make newborn breast-feeding a cooler process for the caregiver. The method fits into the trunk of the caregiver just above the naval to allow for support of the baby, without causing stress to the shoulder joint.The is providing increased angle of freedom at the trunk while creating a protective environment in case of falls. The Introduction to Tummy Time shows that it has been well documented that by 3 months of age, infants should be spending about 1 hour of total time on their stomachs each day. For an infant who initially is resistant to tummy time, propping them over a boppy pillow allows them to build up neck strength while gradually increasing tolerance to tummy time.

Caring Environment using this pillow

This can be progressed to having the only the ends of the boppy pillow touching the child at the hips. Falls are in important part of the learning process for something called protective responses. A child who has mastered protective responses will outstretch an arm sideways, forwards, or backward when exhibiting a loss of balance, in order to slow down their body and protect their head.The Boppy pillow can be used in various methods to help in the independent sitting. Once a child enjoys good head control to begin sitting exercises, the Boppy pillow can be placed around the child’s chest to give the child more support at the bottom, but the bones will be grown properly.