Dean Kamen – Richest Celebrity With Innovative Ideas And Determination

Dean L. Kamen is an inventor, business man and also an engineer born on 5 April 1951. He is one of the richest celebrities in the field of business where he invented Segway and also the woodie flowers. He is born to a Jewish family, where he raised in New York of Long Island and attended the Polytechnic College, later he dropped out his studies. Finally, he did his academic careers as a researcher in drug infusion. He is the son of an illustrator named Jack Kamen, where he did some EC comic publications. For more details and achievements regarding Dean Kamen, you can absolutely visit to view a quick glance.

Noteworthy Inventions Of Dean Kamen:

Dean Kamen is best known for his innovative inventions and ideas, he di0dscoverd a product as a Segway PT – an electronic wheel like a chair which can be balanced by the human beings and it acts as a transporter with a well-stuffed computer control techniques namely Gyroscopic stabilizations. The device actually works with the controlling systems and can be balanced by the weight of the body. This invention became a motive for every business traders due to its innovative idea and techniques which are launched during the year 2001. Dean Kamen is a success full inventor whose fame gained the responsibilities after starting a drug infused pump firm and every detail regarding Dean Kamen is available in as well as his net worth. He utilized his ideas of infusing a syringe into a pump which is called AutoSyringe. He holds many technology oriented machines which are usually used in hospitals. He worked hard in planning the project called Stirling engine designs which incorporated two machines, the one would generate electric power and next machine would save water. he also invented the patents which would give a solution to the water crisis. The film SlingBot released in the year 2014 portrays the concept of vapor distiller in order to solve the water crisis.

Remarkable Achievements:

He won a number of awards for his professional career and also he has been elected to National Academy of Engineering to promote his innovations to high schools.

  • Won Heinz Award in the field of technology – 1999
  • National Medal – 2000
  • Lemelson –MIT – 2002
  • Coolest invention title – 2003