Come to know the annual estimates of your favorite celebrities

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Net worth of the top comedians

As we all know that the net worth of the celebrities is said to be the total annual estimate of the income of any of the celebrity and therefore, the celebrities is common for various category people. It is said that the celebrity net worth has been serving with the best of the knowledge about the net worth of the popular celebrities. Whether it is the politician, actor or any of the comedians, they all come under the popular celebrities and the following site provides the information about these popular celebrities. Here is a list for few popular comedians’ net worth:

  • Fred Stroller with $1.5 million net worth
  • Tom Smothers with $10 million net worth
  • Eddie Murphy with $85 million net worth
  • Drew Carey with $180 million net wort
  • Jimmy Fallon with $25 million net worth
  • Steve Harvey with $130 million net worth
  • Jerry Seinfeld with $900 million net worth
  • Jacky Mason with $4 million net worth

Above mentioned are few of the top rated comedians of the whole world which has the largest number of estimates and has been hitting the billionaires’ line with its top estimated net worth. People who have been always eager to know about the lifestyle of the comedians, you can simply visit the above mentioned site.