Youi and where they are now

Insurance companies offer a lot of help to those that have faced different problems like natural disasters, calamities, and so much more. this is why it is very important for you to choose a company that delivers and serves their customers. it’s crucial for them to earn the trust of the people if they want customers top avail of their different insurances because money is involved and they handle a lot of that which can only be touched when in time of need. nobody wants to get the services of someone that could potentially trick them into getting what that company is offering.

Insurance companies

Sadly, there is one insurance company called Youi that have misled the customers many times in the early years. But because of a very detailed investigation done by a freelance journalist, they were caught. They were fined $320,000 for Fair Trading act breaches though it should have faced the maximum penalty which is $9 million, they plead guilty which is why the penalty was discounted. After that, they promised to fix the many issues with their customers. They got a pretty bad rep for that and they had a hard time cleaning up their names but today, they are stronger than ever.

The pressure that Youi underwent in the year 2017

Because of their names being tarnished and their clean slate becoming dirty, they had to do everything all over again and combat the negative environment. This meant that they were under a lot of pressure and they couldn’t blame anyone because it was their own fault. However, they started to do a massive revamp which is a part of cleaning up their act. Even though a lot of Kiwis hated them and started doing business elsewhere, Youi still managed to increase their gross sales until June 30 of 2017.

A great act on their part

During the Kaikoura quakes, a lot of insurance companies had an insurance freeze. Every one of them, except Youi. This has helped thousands of families that were hit by this calamity and it was a very wise decision for them to do this because a lot of people started trusting them again and because of this, business started to pick up again. but trials are still present and the previous bad press still hasn’t been erased in most people’s minds especially those who have been victimized by their selfish acts.

Extreme make-over

Youi did a lot of things to gain their customers trust again and not enforcing the insurance freeze during the Kaikoura earthquake was among the first. They changed a lot in their company and modified many things to pull customers in again which is essential if they want to prove themselves again as a trustworthy company again. today, Youi have garnered a lot of their customers again and showed that the customer’s safety and security is what’s important. The event made nz jobs boosted with Youi Insurance.

Even after all of the hardships that Youi went through due to their own wrongdoings, they are still going strong and in fact, they are open to a lot of possibilities in the future. What’s important is that they are doing clean business without having to mislead their clients and supporters.