Downlights help to light the downward zone in a narrow beam. People use different kinds of downlights. Dimmable LED Downlights and Recessed Downlights are among of them. Dimmable downlights consume a little power such as 3 watts. Depending on the dimmer it is rated to run loads between 20 VA – 400 VA.

            A recessed downlight is fixed into the hollow place opening in the ceiling. A recessed light is also called “pot light” in Canadian English which implies that hole is circular and the lighting fixture is cylindrical like a pot. The recess lights were invented by Ivan Kirlin of the Kirlin Company in 1950.

General Information:

Two types of bulbs are used for recessed lighting. One is directional and other is diffusion. Directional lamps contain reflectors to control the light directly. Diffuse lamps control the light through their omnidirectional light.

                    It is a very difficult to process to dim an LED light. In the past, LED downlights were not dimmable but Bacon invented an extensive range of Dimmable LED Downlights. For dimming a LED light, minimum downlights are required necessarily. LEDlux dimmers are the most popular dimmers.


We get many benefits from these two types of lights. At first, we may discuss the Dimmable LED Downlights.

  • It consumes a very little power probably 3 watts
  • For our visual comfort, this type of light is very ideal.
  • For creating ambiance, bright and soft lightning, these types of light are used.

Now we discuss Recess lighting.

  • Recess light don’t interrupt the visual place due to its set up means it does not hang down from the ceiling, it fixes in the holes of it.
  • It makes the room look bigger.
  • It is a very lightweight component and doesn’t take enough space for fixing.
  • It is highly versatile light and works more efficiently. Not only that we can dim the light and it is very easy to control.


                        Everything has advantages as well as drawbacks too. We need to avoid the drawbacks or decrease the drawbacks. Before we use it, we should know about this. At first, we may discuss the drawbacks of Recessed light.

  • It is more costly than a traditional light fixture.
  • It is more difficult to fix. We must create holes in the ceiling to fix it.
  • We don’t decorate our rooms in a new pattern. It is very difficult to change the positions of lights.
  • This light creates heat which can cause of the fire

Now we talk about the drawbacks of dimmable LED lights

         For dimming light LED must be necessary to compatible with dimmer. Otherwise, the light won’t dim or the lights will be flicker.


In these modern days, we use these lights in a huge amount. To decrease the drawbacks we should take steps. It is very important.