If you have someone in your home who smokes, or even at your workplace, you will certainly have some sort of second hand smoke in your home. Not many people know this but it can actually be a lot more harmful than the one you receive as you smoke a cigarette. Here, we are going to take a look at certain details regarding what is a second hand smoke, how harmful it can be for you and people around you, and how you can prevent exposure to it.

What is a second hand smoke?

Second hand smoke is a mixture of smoke that comes from the cigarette end that is light up, can be from a pipe, cigar, or any form of tobacco, plus the smoke that the smoker exhales into the environment. It is known to be a lot more harmful that what you are taking in as a smoker as this one is poisonous and contains more than 4000 chemicals in it. Among there 4K chemicals that the second hand smoke possess, over 50 are known to cause cancers.

Some of the elements found in this smoke are Benzopyrene, which is a chemical we have in coal tar that is known to be highly potent cancer causing element. Then you have Formaldehyde which is used for various purposes including preserving dead animals. Moreover, you have the hydrogen cyanide and ammonia among which the former is used in rat poisoning and the latter is found in cleaners we use to wipe floors and toilets.

What is even more alarming about the second hand smoke is that fact that two third of it can be inhaled by individuals that go through that area, whether it be kids or adults. In British Columbia, it is known to be something that causes over 100 deaths each year while many people have unhealthy lives because of their exposure to second hand smoke.

How it can harm your health?

Standing in a room where someone is smoking, you might think that you are away from any harm because you are not the one who smoke. But due to second hand smoke, it is never correct. The fact that anyone standing in the same environment as smoker is also inhaling a second hand smoke leads to a lot of health complications.

Some of the notable ones among the problems that can occur to a healthy non-smoker who has been exposed tosecond hand smoke on regular basis include the lung cancer and nasal sinus cancer. It can also cause heart diseases and stroke. Other common issues include breathing problems, coughing, wheezing, asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

Any physical action due to inhaling second hand smoke, that can cause long term problems, may occur in as little as 8 to 20 minutes. Pregnant women are specifically advised to stay away from the second hand smoke as much as possible because it is necessary for a healthy birth. Else, there can be complications including higher risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and even problem with babies such as low birth weight.

How to prevent exposure to it?

Well, there are certain ways by which you can prevent exposure to it. You might be thinking that opening windows is a good option but the fact that traces of second hand smoke can be left in the air even after a good time makes it tough. So, we are left with the option of air purifiers. These are the products that helps in cleansing the air. They will get rid of dust and pollutants from it and assure that your environment is safe and you are breathing in healthy air. For more information on it, you can consider checking this site as they have a lot of useful information about air purifiers and some products that will help you in getting rid of smoke from the air.