Hemp is a plant that is found naturally in the northern hemisphere and is part of the Cannabis sativa family. Its considered as a  fast-growing plant and has always been the subject of debate and controversy, not just the hemp but the Cannabis sativa family in general. This is because of the plant where its native its held as a medicine, but in other countries, this is a controlled substance for medicinal use only and even illegal in some.


You can’t really blame some countries for doing so this is because the Cannabis sativa family where hemp belongs to has some long history with the drug cartels but probably not with hemp. Although the world has some different reaction to it and laws, no one can deny that it has indeed potent medicinal properties. The main reason why many countries are tagging this as an illegal drug is that of its main component called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is the main chemical that causes psychoactive effects. This does not result in anyone to be violent but its addicting and many people are abusing its use.

Why are some countries not restricting its use:

In some countries that have legalized its use for medicinal use and recreation recognizes that its a plant that has some really solid medicinal properties. Its a potent plant in terms of treating pain, its an anxiolytic, its an antidepressant, it can even help fight cancer, helps treat and prevent acne and can even help bind in the neurons and brain receptors to help treat chronic seizures. These medicinal properties come from its a popular component called cannabidiol or CBD.

Where does hemp come in all this?

Compared to marijuana, hemp is very much different and this is because of the levels of THC and CBD that’s in it. You see unlike marijuana, hemp only has 0.03% of THC and higher amounts of CBD. Meaning no matter how much you smoke the plant the entire day, you’re not going to experience any psychoactive effects. This is good because it opens up a ton of possibilities for many labs and individuals to explore CBD more, thus you got a ton of CBD products that stems from hemp alone.

Growing one yourself:

If you’re in an area where hemp is abundant, you should raise one because its a very good way for you to explore its benefits and if you get better at it you will be able to control its taste and even the levels of CBD. From that alone, there are already a ton of various CBD products that you can make out of it for various types of applications. If you happen to be in Colorado, visit Colorado hemp farms and start from there.

Hemp is a misunderstood plant, even if its components are friendly, the fact that its part of the Cannabis sativa made it part of this whole controversy with the law and various beliefs. But even so, there are still many countries that have used hemp and recognized its medicinal properties on a ton of things. If you happen to be in a place where its legal to grow one and you plan to make your own concoction with hemp-based products, now is the best time to starts.