Stamina is the ability of the body to sustain activity without weakening. Athletes are always expected to have increased stamina. But you don’t have to be an athlete in order to have a high stamina. In fact, you need to have increased stamina, even if you are just sitting in an office desk all day.

increase your stamina

Stamina is often defined as the ability in sustaining energy, but there’s more to it than just energy. It’s also about being resilient to diseases. One of the common ways to increase stamina is exercise. But not just a simple walk, jog or squats. There are specific exercises that you can do to efficiently increase your endurance and stamina in the process.

Knowing what cardio exercises can offer: Cardio Exercises are more into the aerobic side of the coin. Cardio exercises or drills are great for low and medium intensity workouts, in order for your body to endure (or get used to) the beating. For athletes, cardio is very important for their performance. For the regular people, this is even more important since people with sedentary lifestyle are more prone to diseases and an exercise like cardio can help lessen that.

Circuits trainings is not just a general exercise: If you have a desk job and you only use your hands most of the time, then you need to shake that body and do circuit trainings. The hands can endure the prolonged activity (typing), but the other parts of the body can’t, like your back for example. Prolonged inactivity can cause your stamina to deplete over time. That is the reason why, if you’re work requires you to sit during longer periods of time, it’s only natural that you have an exercise, that enables you to work and move your entire body and doing circuit exercises can help you with that.

Train with weights: One of the easiest things that can deplete your stamina, is if you over exert your energy when you carry heavy objects. That is why, this strengthening exercise/training can help you retain or increase your energy even if you are carrying heavy objects from time to time or for long periods of time.

Trying out interval trainings: Intervals are a combination of high intensity training with low intervals and low intensity training with high intervals. This helps you increase your anaerobic capacity, that enables you increase your stamina even in times when you need your body to perform its best during longer periods of time, like a triathlon or a marathon.

People always thought that only athletes need stamina exercises, when in fact, it’s even more important for people that has a sedentary lifestyle. Stamina is about conditioning your body to do more activity, in order for the body to get used to it and have this strength that it can maintain especially when there is a time where it can be tested. If you want to increase your stamina, try the mentioned exercises/ trainings above, partnered with a good rest and diet and guaranteed, you will see the big difference in a week.