Testosterone And Hair Loss: – How They Are Related?

The majority of the men are suffering from hair loss issues these days. There are several treatments and products also available, but before that it is important to understand the cause of your hair thinning issues.  Hormones play a very important role in the majority of the functions and in the absence they can cause issues as well. Hormones are important for regulating mood, muscle growth and many others.

Hair loss and testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that can also affect your hair growth. There are different types of Testoreone. These are

  • Dihydrotestsoreone: – it is also called DHT and is created by enzyme and is a very potential testosterone. This hormone is used in the entire body including skin and follicles.
  • Sex hormones: – it is also called SHBG and it is bound to protein and is present in blood, called albumin. In case of low SHBG and this way free testosterone level is lifted up.
  • Free testosterone: – it is available through entire body and is not bound to any protein.

Hair loss and hormones

Your hormone is having potent affect on the thickness and texture, but also plays a vital role in how male baldness is formed also known as MPB taking place.  The most common pattern baldness includes frontal hairline causing formation at the front. Balding at the skull crown is also common and it creates U shape. Hormones can cause hair fall.  Depending upon the different people the hair locations on body can respond to the hormone levels. If you are having a good testosterone growth, then you can easily grow healthier and fuller hair because it makes reversible hair loss actions.

Supplements for hair loss

DHEA is found in the hair follicles and its deficiency can cause follicle sensitivity. Sensitivity can lead to poor development of hair growth.  This is also the reason why male suffer from pattern baldness more as compared to women. There are natural testosterone boosters, which you can use to cut off the root cause of hair fall. Aging and stress are also two factors, which are responsible so take a supplement that having ingredients that enhances your mood and fights aging.