If you are new and not aware of how to do meditation, then this article will greatly helps you to do a proper meditation.

  • Set your timer, the time is depending on you, how long you want to meditate to calm your inner soul and to control your thoughts. You may not be aware of this timing at the first time, so for the first time it is better to set your timer for 15 mints. If you decide to meditate longer for the first time it would be distracting and worrying. This may lead to stop meditating at some point.
  • Find the comfortable place and position to meditate. This will helps you to concentrate easily and comfortably.
  • Start your meditation by focusing on your breath. Try breathing slowly as possible.

  • While doing meditation for first time, you will get many thoughts popping up in your mind. Try to accept and acknowledge it, and then try to focus on your breath again.
  • Initially it is difficult to concentrate on breathing, in order to do so, try to count your breathing. This will greatly helps you to concentrate on breathing and avoid other thoughts. Once you find that your concentration on breathing is god enough you can stop counting on it.
  • Once you have done so, you are doing a proper meditation. The more you meditate the more benefit you attain. Once you are good at focusing on your breath, you can start focusing on a word or mantra. Anything if you find inspirational or motivation, you can use that as mantra. These are the best possible ways to do your meditation.

The hardest part of this meditation is sticking with it. Many people feel that it is difficult to do. The main thing that you have considered before starting meditation is to practice slowly. It may take some time, but it is very useful and beneficial.

In online you can find many tutorials about how to teach meditation, by watching the videos or reading the articles you can easily find how to do a proper meditation.