Drinking tea has proved to be very beneficial for you. Black tea is the lower-caffeine option to coffee during a day. Whatever time in a day or night, having one cup of tea is a relaxing and soothing ritual. Besides the calming qualities, tea has compounds that deliver real health benefits and one of the compounds is L-theanine. Fortunately, you also can have L-theanine in the supplement form that will help with the focus, relaxation, and sleep. Let us take a bit closer look on what is theanine and other centering, calming, and sleep-boosting capabilities.

What is L-theanine?

It is one kind of amino acid mainly found in the tea leaves. L-theanine was identified by Japanese scientists at 1949. Whereas tea is one common dietary source of L-theanine, the compound is found in different types of mushrooms. Also in foods, mainly green tea, this compound is said to be the source of umami, savory and brothy taste. Scientists who are studying on umami flavor have also made a few interesting discoveries. It is linked to reduced risk of obesity and stimulate metabolism. There is also the evidence suggesting L-theanine, consumed in tea, will change the taste perception, and diminishing taste of bitterness like grapefruit and chocolate.

relaxation and reduces stress

How Does L-theanine Work?

The L-theanine supplements promote relaxation & facilitate sleep just by contributing to many changes in your brain in a powerful combination of l theanine and adderall:

Improves GABA levels and calming brain chemicals – It elevates GABA level, and dopamine and serotonin. The chemicals are well known as the neurotransmitters, and it works in your brain to regulate mood, emotions, alertness, concentration, and sleep and energy, appetite or other cognitive skills.

Improves alpha brain waves – The alpha brain waves actually are associated with “wakeful relaxation.” That is a state of mind that you experience while meditating, staying creative and letting your mind to wander in the daydreaming. The alpha waves are present during the REM sleep. The L-theanine supplement seems to trigger release of the alpha-waves that enhances focus, relaxation, as well as creativity.

Advantages of L-theanine

Improving your sleep pattern

With an ability to increase the relaxation and reduces stress, L-theanine will help in your sleep in many ways. L-theanine will help the people to fall asleep easily and quickly at the bedtime, all thanks to its relaxation boost. Research shows L-theanine will improve quality of sleep by lowering anxiety & promoting relaxation.