Not too long ago, most people tagged bodybuilders and athletes that take steroids as drug addicts. They categorized them as intake that are harmful to the body .Thanks to outfit like crazy bulks that took it upon themselves to sensitize the general public about the usefulness and authenticity of some legal roids . People are no more in the dark about these great achievement of some professionals years back. In fact, numbers of weightlifters and athletes that use it is fast increasing par day.

Definition of steroids : a steroid is an organic compound that consists of a molecular structures which contains carbon atoms like alkaloids, vitamins and hormones. Alkaloids are harmless basis of some useful drugs. Vitamins help us grow and stay healthy. While hormones encourage growth and influence how the cells and tissues function in the body. All these components come together to form a “formidable team” called steroids /supplements. There supplements improve and balance testosterone and estrogen in the body.


The formal is an hormone substance that causes men to develop the physical and sexual features of men characteristics while the latter does the same to women. In actual fact, going by the definition of each and every component, even a novice in bio-chemicals world can boldly say that some steroids (legal) are useful and harmless to mankind.

Types and uses of steroids : basically, there are two types of steroids, namely, corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. Corticosteroids are used for medical purposes ie in treating ailments pertaining to hormones eg hypogonedism. While anabolic steroids are used by athletes and bodybuilders to enhance their strength, stamina, size etc in bodybuilding.

Birth of steroids : steroids are created in an attempt to find lasting solution for the cure of ailments like hypogonedism by the scientists. Hypogonedism is a disease that causes testes to create insufficient amount of testosterone, diminishing the growth and development of the testes and also harming sexual functionality. Further researches proved that steroids could enhance the growth of muscles and other body tissues. Hence, the birth of legal roids and steroids in general.