Alcohol is in the leading list of the drugs many people have found difficult to quit. The problem is no matter how much we may want to help our friends and relatives who may be suffering from drug addiction; we may not even know they are going through the hardships. Here are some signs that your loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction;

Lying about Their Drinking

If your friend is suffering from alcohol addiction, you are likely to find alcohol bottles in weird places in the house. This is an attempt to hide their high intake of alcohol as well as the guilt they may be experiencing.

Change in Character and Mood swings

Alcohol can alter the mental and physical health of the victim; you are, therefore, likely to notice a difference in the way your friend communicates when they are under the influence of alcohol. They may be angry, emotional or moody when drunk; they may even start showing some symptoms of depression.

Drinking First Thing When They Wake Up

Many people, who are addicted to alcohol, drink first thing in the morning to eliminate hangovers. The victim drinks too much which make them feel sick and the only fast thing that heals them is to drink more in the morning. This unhealthy habit is a sign of an unhealthy problem.

Isolation and Solitude

Once an individual starts drinking excessively, they tend to isolate themselves from their family and close friends to avoid the discussion about their drinking problem and the embarrassment of being an alcoholic.

Expressing Willingness to Quit Drinking and Feeling Guilty

The first question to ask your friend to know whether or not they are struggling with alcohol addiction is asking them whether they would wish to quit alcohol. If yes, then this is a huge sign they need help with alcoholism.

The other thing that could give you a thumb up is if your friend constantly feels guilty and keeps making promises to quit drinking.

Inability to Quit Alcohol despite a Series of Ugly Event

If your friend has been going through problems because of alcohol drinking and they still don’t quit, they are fighting the addiction by themselves with no success hence the bearing of hard consequences.

Financial Problems

If you realize that all of a sudden, your friend is not able to manage tasks at home and paying bills, school fees among other responsibilities, it may be time to find help for your friend. This is because mostly they face the problems because most of their money is being spent on purchasing alcohol. They may therefore need your help with alcoholism.

They are many things that may trigger alcohol addiction. Sometimes, it is hard to help the victims because of lack of awareness on the things they are experiencing. The above signs may help you in identifying and understanding why your friend might be behaving the way they are, and helping them in return. The good thing is there are multiple solutions of dealing with alcohol addiction.