A hypobaric chamber is usually used in the aerospace departments during the research to simulate the impact of high altitude on human. The objective is to ensure the body can handle the low oxygen and air pressure level.

How it works?

Once the subjects are placed within the chamber for research, they are asked to breathe Oxygen using the Oxygen Mask.  Through this process, they are able to minimize the level of Nitrogen in the body, thus reducing the probability of sickness to take place.  During the oxygen inhaling from the mask, the atmospheric pressure of the chamber is reduced to create a perfect atmosphere as that of thousands of feet above the ground.Finally, the oxygen mask is removed, thus creating similar situation in the subject’s body as that of hypoxia – lack of nitrogen.

comfortable hypoxic training

In this situation, they are asked to perform minor assignments such as solving basic algorithm problems, or answering basic questions about themselves.  In case they start taking longer than desired time to complete the task, the mask is replaced.

As this is an unstable situation and presence of a safety observer is mandatory.  In case the body starts reacting, they the observer will instantly put the oxygen mask on the subject to create a balance on their body.  Else, he has the possibility of becoming unconscious.  There is an entire team of observers who are monitoring the entire research from outside of the chamber from various points or angles through a television screen

Altitude Chambers at Home or Gym

For those seeking hypoxic exercise in their health clubs or home, are turning to Altitude chambers.  These chambers are created using equal level of pressure and air density, similar to that of the sea level.  This is further created using an efficient filtration system and air conditioning, thus establish a comfortable hypoxic training.

The hypobaric chamber is expandable and retractable. In other words, if you need to increase the size of the chamber, you can easily do so, by adding additional walls to it or even using the walls of the building.  In case you wish to relocate the chamber, you have the ability to do the same.