Aggravating Factors of Cellulite that you must get rid of

The appearance of cellulite is usually triggered by intense hormonal upheavals: puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause. But it cannot be explained by a single cause, other factors intervene. Venous and lymphatic insufficiency

 The consequence of poor circulation is that the tissues are less well irrigated, the cell exchanges are slowed down and the toxins less well drained. Waste accumulates and attacks the skin’s supporting fibers, which puts everything in place for cellulite to settle. Once it presents, the greasy clumps increase, the vessels are compressed and they are even more difficult to carry out their mission, and the cellulite persists.

Lack of exercise

Cellulite loves inactivity and practicing physical activity helps fight all forms of cellulite. Thanks to sport, you gain muscle tone while decreasing body fat, boosting blood and lymphatic circulation, boosting your metabolism and burning calories, and finding a better designed and more toned figure. This is one of the natural best cellulite treatments 


Refined sugar is not good at all for the body as we know for a long time. Several mechanisms related to its metabolism are directly involved in the formation of the captions. Not only, adipocytes are very sensitive to insulin, the hormone secreted by the pancreas in the presence of carbohydrates, which makes fat and boosts cellulite. But it is also responsible for the glycation of collagen, the phenomenon at the origin of fibrosis. Glucose molecules combine with collagen and stiffen their fibers to trap adipocytes. The more fibrosis the tissues become, the more difficult it is to dislodge cellulite. It feels under the fingers, it’s compact, it’s hard and sometimes it’s painful. The idea is not to remove all sugars, but to avoid any excess and especially to know to choose them

Food sponges

 Salt is the most important food sponges that retains water in the tissues and promotes edema. Besides the salt added to the dishes, beware of foods where true salt mines are hidden: white bread or rusks, cheeses, cold meats, appetizers, industrial cooked dishes, fish Smoked, industrial pizzas, preserves. Say goodbye to light sodas to fight against cellulite. Like salt, synthetic sweeteners and flavor enhancers are real sponges to store in the shelf of prohibited items.

The bad fats

Saturated fatty acids and hydrogenated fats are poorly metabolized which are easily stored in adipocytes and rapidly increase the rate of free radicals increasing inflammation. Saturated fats are found in sausages and fatty meats, butter, cheese and all whole dairy product.  Hydrogenated fats are a part of the make-up of pastries and most industrial foods which also leads to cellulite development.