All work without play makes a dull and halfwit person

Play areas and fields are commonly acquired by big organizations for recreational purposes, sometimes companies uses these playground for commercial purposes, to earn profit. Establishment also uses these playgrounds for promotion and advertisement of their company.

Enterprise is very common in familiar and distinguished Commercial areas. Commercial Playground Equipment is distributed by known companies like Modern Amusement Groups, Playworld, GameTime, Hags Global, AAA State of Play, International Play Co., Miracle Galleries of Canada, Forpark of Australia and thousands more companies.

List o f different types of playground equipment for Commercial

  • Ferris wheel Ride – Giant Ferris Wheel and Amusement Ferris are very common in amusement parks, it is carried by tubs, cars, pods, gondolas and cabins, on a wheel rotating with a lot of passengers.
  • Carousel Ride – This is an Amusement Park ride, with a horse
  • Thrill Rides – usually designed for little ones
  • Mini Train and Amusement Train – miniature trains that go around the park, ride for kids.
  • Paddle and Electric Boat – a water entertainment ride and toy
  • Water Bike and Canoe – a bicycle on the water, like kayaking
  • Kids Park Rides – designed for young children and small ones operated using coins or tokens, these small rides can be seen commercially in public like supermarkets and shopping malls. Examples are: trains, rocking tug, jumping frog rides, mini flying car, shuttle, mini pendulum ride, etc.
  • Inflatable Giant Toys – usually a giant slide and giant swimming ball
  • Bumper Cars for toddlers – This is a an electrically powered small vehicle known as bumper cars, designs are not limited to cars alone, but there’s trucks and airplanes that gets power from the floor to move around and some are powered thru the ceiling, It is being operated remotely by an operator.

After installing these equipments, there is still an after service commitment that these distributors provide for their clients like operations and trainings. The user manual is handy, and it comes with video tutorials, companies provide live conferences for operators, the continuous learning thru guidance with all its products, through operations, there is the learning about emergency procedures, Maintenance of the equipment and providing parts through accessories is also their after sales service, one important manufacturers training is on safety education to use these commercial playground equipment. You only deal with one supplier for all the services you need and after sales customer service is also provided.