Vacuum excavations have changed the present as well as the future of the construction and digging business. Vacuum excavation is considered as an update of the manual excavations. Vacuum excavation is capable of digging and excavating with the help of the buried pipe without the uncertainty of damage with mechanical tool or excavators. It has bought a revolution and is the need of every business in undertaking its repairs, cleaning and renovation projects. From hard ground to sub base layers, vacuum excavation has provided a solution to each and every problem.

Vacuum excavators

A vacuum excavator also knows as a suction excavator is a type of a construction vehicle assigned with the task of removing debris, litter and other heavy material on the land. Vacuum excavator is a very important machine in the present era because of the level of safety that it provides. The use of vacuum excavator does not only provide safe working conditions but it also minimizes the environmental replacements costs. Vacuum excavators are also efficient of removing and excavating solids as well as fluids in most situations.


Use of Vacuum excavators

The vacuum excavators can be used in a variety of ways. Some of them are listed below: –

  1. Digging holes and excavating utilities.
  2. Maintenance of Railway trackside.
  • Helpful in controlling environmental damage.
  1. Helps in eradicating the manual excavation or the conventional excavation.
  2. Helpful in potholing utilities.
  3. Cleaning of sewer.
  • Helps in industrial excavation projects.
  • Safe and systematic way of digging around a utility.
  1. Helpful in catch basin cleaning.
  2. Vacuum excavation is also helpful in drill mud clean up.

Specific jobs

There are a number of jobs of vacuum excavation all over the world. But the most of them are found in Italy and its regions. The graph of vacuum excavation jobs is maximum in some parts of Venice, Rio, Siena, pier UK, America, Russia, etc.  There is deep silt accumulated over 40 years in Venice. Such job was successfully completed by the vacuum excavation in a much better and an efficient way than the conventional excavations. The damage was restricted to only 4 man holes sized whole that was later on filled with man hole covers. The possibility of a long traffic obstruction was also eliminated.