BR1M is about targeting the right groups and getting them the financial they require. It is very difficult for people to eke out a living during economic recession. It may be difficult for the common man but people in lower strata will not be able to survive in such conditions. This scheme was well put in the manifesto and implemented there wise, hence people benefited.

This scheme has diversified and supports not only the under privileged but people willing to take risk and start up an entrepreneurial venture which the government will support through this scheme. This was known as upwards mobility of funds which will not only improve the living conditions of the people but give them employment opportunities as well.

semakan brim 2018

Before approaching with this programme adequate training is imparted so that they can use those skills learnt set up their independent ventures which the government will help set up with the help of this scheme. Some of the people who were getting the benefit of the BR1M scheme and had bought cars where encouraged to use the cars as taxis and earn a living from them thus increasing their income pool. Such usage will attract an additional rebate of RM4000.

By using their cars as taxis and increase their income level which will definitely make them come out of the below poverty line category status and allow others who weren’t able to get the benefit come into the fold. More and more people becoming self sufficient will enable the scheme to reach out to others who are still struggling to make ends meet. This will not only help the economy to improve but a lot of people will get employed and solve a major issue of the country which had been plaguing it for long.

The allocation increases every year so that people don’t get bitten by the inflation and still get the money for their usage as before. The people have now realised the benefits and are enrolling in large numbers to get BR1M application.