Taxis and cabs are the most used means of transportation used and the consumption of these services growing day by day. People are getting attracted to taxis and cabs because they are easy to book and is convenient as well as economical. At a reasonable price, you can get to your destination safely without any hassle and if you think that taxis are costly then you can also share it also.

Booking a taxi is flexible since you can choose from the available time slots and book accordingly, and saves your time.

You can go for Hellenic Taxi services to roam anywhere in Greece, especially in Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki being a city having historical importance, having a taxi makes it easier to visit the city. Hellenic Taxi understands that every person has its own requirements when it comes to booking a taxi. Keeping this in mind, Hellenic Taxi offers a cheap and comfortable Thessaloniki airport transfer and also provides minivans and shuttle service.

Hellenic Taxi

Services Provided:

Following are the facilities that Hellenic Taxi provides to its customers:

  1. The driving staff reaches to you at the assigned time and greets you.
  2. The drivers are experienced and can converse in English.
  3. Seats for babies as well as booster seats are available for free of cost.
  4. Insurance benefit is also provided to the customers.
  5. Private transfer facility is also available. You can choose the type and comfort level of the vehicle according to your requirement.
  6. VIP transfer facility is also available. Mercedes Benz S class is sent to you if you choose to travel through it.
  7. You can pay to the driver on the spot.
  8. Quality vehicle are offered at a fixed price and are very reasonable.
  9. In case of any problem, a 24-hours customer service is available.
  10. You can also opt for a personal guide in case you are traveling as a tourist for a wholesome experience of the city.
  11. Shuttle service is also available in a 19-seater Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, suitable for visiting monuments, sightseeing, shopping,etc.
  12. The driver will load and unload your entire luggage.

By choosing Hellenic Taxi, you’ll be able to travel throughout the city as well as intercity without any worries. Our guides have an in-depth knowledge about the historic importance of the city and the monuments and significance of traditions followed in Thessaloniki.

As a tourist, you’ll be able to gain an insight about the city’s working and will take back loads of good memories.

You just have to enter the departure date and time with a pick up and drop off location and mention the number of people including children, and you can find a transfer in no time.