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Game Mode

There are many playing modes available in FIFA 17 Crack they introduced new ultimate team challenge in which you can play with the players all around the globe. Total 8 players can play the game at the same time either you can use keyboard or controller to play the game. They introduced a new story mode in this game in which you are a 17 year old guy, your grandfather played for the English premier league and he will train you to be a great football player, you have to improve your skills to play in the team. After playing so many matches your skills will slowly increase like tactics, speed, and health. To play in the championship you have play various weekend leagues after winning all the weekend leagues in your region you can get an opportunity to play in the world championship which will be conducted by the EA sports and you can win 1.3 million DOLLERS.

New Add Ones

The game has a new facility of unlocking very few players called legends in the game but you should be lucky to get the players not all the gaming files will have these players. Only drawback is you can’t play the online games using pirated version the network will track you and block you. another new feature is when you’re playing in your friends system you can download you home team in your friends PC and play this is the best feature as your team will be available all over the internet anywhere you can play along with your team but this too work only on legal version. Some made may be not available in pirated but playing a professional game for free will give you Goosebumps.