How much do you get confused while preparing a list of activities that you should be having for your kid’s birthday party? There are so many games and you want to have something different or your kid wants to have activities that haven’t been played at any kids party. Here is the best place that is waiting for you to visit and have a blast at your kid’s party making it one heck of a memorable experience. Escape rooms are best serving experience in this field and for everyone it is important to know that they provide the room for a group of 2-7 people which makes it quite exciting and the best part of an escape room is the challenge that it brings you would be willing to get the first place by solving the problem and coming out from the room at earliest possible time.

What to expect from Operation saving Hollywood escape room Florida?

If you are selecting the room of Operation saving Hollywood which is basically a detective sort of game room you can expect the following:

There is a rumour of an attack on Hollywood which has been leaked and the authorities are afraid that the team may not be sufficient in handling the situation. They want the best detectives around the place who can help them in solving the mystery for them which now happens to be you and your squad. You have to work in a swift manner as your city Hollywood remains high alert against the attack.

Hollywood escape room Florida

There are a few things that you can do in planning your squad the one is diving your team into a small group of two or three people after which you will be having 4 teams or less. You can start at the same time and whoever comes out first will win the game. This gets more fun and excitement for each player. There is an option available on the official site using which you can get to the professional team of boxroom and ask your queries or get your room booked anytime.

For the operation saving Hollywood private room, you will have to pay $19 per person at a flat discount of 50% for now from Mon-Thursday and from Friday-Sunday you will have to pay $29 per person.

After 12:00 PM you will have to pay $29 per person from Mon-Thursday and $33 per person at a discount of 15% on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.