All you wanted to know about eSports

Just like any sporting game, there are the players, teams, spectators and eSports agents involved in eSports or professional video gaming. Basically the whole set up is facilitated by interaction between human players and computers (video games). In simple layman terms eSports can be well described as a video game tournament involving many players and popular games like MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), FPS (First Person Shooter), world championship series, etc.

The evolution of eSports

The eSports became popular from the beginning of 2011 as it involves live broadcasting of the game for millions of spectators and gaming enthusiasts around the world. There is some good prize money involved and the players or competitors are paid with re-compensation or a basic salary that encourages professional video game players and amateurs to participate in such competitions. Generally the developers of video games provide the funding of prize money to these eSports tournaments where the prize money received by each player in a multiplayer game would be around $1 million to $5 million. Sometimes it is as high as $200 million.


The scope for sponsoring players in eSports

With the increase in popularity many companies that are into energy drinks, computer software, local businesses, etc are seen actively involved in sponsoring the tournaments from third parties prospective. is one such platform which allows sponsors to make most use of eSports. Sponsoring a player or a team in eSports provides you with an opportunity to enhance your sales or brand and brand affinity. A good investment when it comes to renewing of the sponsorship where you can get more money. Thus as the sponsor it is not just your branding on the T-shirts of players as logos but also aims at increasing your sales rate. The key here to make the most of your sponsorship whether it’s a small budget sponsorship or a huge investment is to be creative as it should not help your brand but your business as well in terms of sales. So, what are you waiting for? Sponsor the top gamers by contacting this esport agency today!

If you are looking to sponsor a game make sure that you opt for a team or player who is quite popular and who can directly or indirectly endorse your product which will aid in increase in direct sales. does just that for you helping you promote your products.