The Reality of Oxandrovar – Its Shown Remarkable Results for the Cutting Cycle

You have noticed someone inside the gym who looks perfect. His muscles are big and he is powerful. Also, you have seen the other guy lifting dumbbells who is well-cut. With that, he doesn’t look huge but his muscles are fairly in great shape. You went to check out what the latter guy is using during his workout and he told you about Oxandrovar.

Many Oxandrovar users found greatness with this drug. Even with the results of Oxandrovar for cutting, many have shown off their built assisted with this prohormone substitute of Anavar. To know more about Oxandrovar and how fair it is in the cutting cycle, it is best to check out this page.

A Mix of Prohormones 

Oxandrovar is a potent prohormone which combines other four prohormones. This is used by experienced users because of its strength. These prohormones include:

o   Epistane 

Epistane is a kind of DHT derived prohormone which is anti-estrogenic. This helps users gain more lean muscle mass which is considered as a prodigious help for the cutting cycle. What makes Epistane incredible is it does not aromatize and is even non-progestagenic – which means that it does not cause any estrogen related side effects such as gynecomastia. 

o   Hexadrone 

Hexadrone is a known non-methylated prohormone which is created to consume either by the pill only or through mixing it with another prohormone. It helps in providing gains and increasing strength. 

The Reality of Oxandrovar – Its Shown Remarkable Results for the Cutting Cycle

o   Trenavar 

Trenavar or which is known as Trendione is more androgenic compared to Testosterone. It is a powerful prohormone which converts to an active Trenbolone. 

o   Methylclostebol 

This is a prohormone which is also known as Mechabol. It provides users with an increase in both strength and muscle gains. 

The Exact Cycle to Follow 

As for an effective Oxandrovar cycle, this works with the burst cycle. The burst cycle is famous in the bodybuilding community as you can transition the drug into cyclical burst to a cruise pattern, or use it to a burst and right on to a rest pattern. But of course, as for the cycle, this depends on your settled goal.

To start the set, as for the burst cycle, you need to maximize your receptor cells for around 4-6 weeks by the help of the prohormone, SARMS, and anabolic compounds. Be sure to combine it with proper diet and accurate training. When it comes to the next procedure which is the mini PCT, you have to run this short for around 3 weeks only to have your body recover. Consider running a 2 weeks bridge for this next step wherein supplementation and detox are required. As for the fourth cycle, running anabolic compounds or SARMS should last here for around 4-6 weeks. When it comes to the last part, you may repeat the first procedure again. 

Closing Thoughts 

Oxandrovar is an outstanding prohormone which brings marvelous benefits to each user. What it does is it helps you lose fat and build muscles effectively. But of course, its benefits do not only stop right there as this incredible prohormone also helps with the increase of strength, nitrogen retention, and protein synthesis. Other than that, the pill will never aromatize into estrogen which is why it is loved by many male professional bodybuilders. When using Oxandrovar, it is important to talk to your doctor first. This prohormone is not ideal for beginners because of its potency.