Short Hairstyles Are Sexy, Chic and Simple

Think short hair is boring? Too high maintenance? Not sexy enough? You are totally off base! Short hairstyles for women are sexy, fun and quite easy to upkeep, depending on the style you choose. And the best part is, if you don’t like it, you can always grow it back!

For some of the trendiest short haircuts for women of any age, see this link! We are certain you will find a shortcut that suits your style and personality!

Why Short Hairstyles Are Making A Comeback

Short hairstyles seem to come and go as far as popularity is concerned. And the last few years have proven that short hair is super sexy! So many female celebrities have traded in their longer locks for a sassy short hairdo!

There are many reasons to favor short hair over longer hair, especially if you have an active lifestyle. Depending on the hairstyle you choose, they can also be extremely easy to maintain. Of course a short spiky pixie will require a bit more styling time than a curly short bob. But even then, it still is easier to style than longer hair, which can can be quite time-consuming, between drying and styling.

Remember, you can always grow it out. If you get as super short pixie cut and decide that look isn’t for you, then you can grow it out to a cute French bob. You can let it grow out for a bit and then go back to a cut short asymmetrical bob….the possibilities are endless.

Another plus of short hair is that you can play around with hair color. A short hairstyle is the perfect canvas for fun colors such as bright pink or a pretty pastel purple!  You can even change up your color when you get tired of it. Short hair can be so much fun!

Short hairstyles may require a bit more maintenance than longer hair when it comes to getting it trimmed. However, if you love your new short haircut, it is well worth it. To keep your hair healthy regardless of the length, it is wise to have your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks.

More Pros of Short Hairstyles:

  1. If you are tired of knots, short hairstyles are a great way to keep your hair from getting tangled.
  2. Short hair is a great way to add body and bounce to finer hair. Also, it can remove some of that dead weight from thicker tresses.
  3. Short haircuts are a great way to accentuate your stunning facial features. You can play around with new makeup looks and opt for fun accessories like cute earrings and fashionable hats.
  4. Short hair is perfect for the summer! You will feel so much cooler and lighter.
  5. Short hair will add more life to your curls.
  6. Short hair dries much faster and takes minutes to style.

Still, not sure if you are ready to take the plunge! Check out some of the hottest short hairstyles and see if we can sway you!