Time Clock Wizard: How it can help you simplify your business workflow through easy employee time tracking and management  like a pro!

Business scenarios involve daily workload and project management that requires extensiveplanning, scheduling and work breakdown. In the present world where everything ismanaged online, internet based project management softwares have become widespreadand extremely useful in managing all the information which otherwise requires immensemanual effort and time consumption.

Originally founded as a single start up organisation, Time Clock Wizard was headed by Sean Wolf as its CEO during its inception in the year 2014.Available as a free as well as premium web based software, the application also integrates in a mobile application allowing to perform the most complicated work related tasks such as payroll management, employee scheduling, task division, operational services like web design and merchandising under one roof.The company has incorporated in the payroll generation feature recently that extends to reporting,overtime and availing paid time benefits to the employees.

What did reviews have to say?

Coming to the customer reviews, this amazing utility application has received great feedbacksand high popularity ratings from users worldwide at different web platforms and media outlets. The immense variety of handy tools like photo capture, active clock guard makes it very efficient for the department heads to monitor step by step employee progress. Another majorupside associated with mobile based time wizard version is its adequate small size that can be downloaded at theinstance of a single click which comes absolutely free of cost too. This makes it convenient to send urgent notifications, call for immediate meetings or notify a priority task using the mobile interface.

What are other functions to look up for via time clock wizard?

  • Creation of timelines
  • Scheduling workload
  • Managing payroll budget
  • Estimation of project related cost
  • Generating elaborative reports

The above reasons have beautifully brought about the fact that time clock wizard seems to be a promising and effective application in the world of many insignificant time and work management applications that come with limited features and large file size involving spending hefty amounts on their purchase.