The entrepreneur with multifaceted skills and abilities

                            It requires hard work to see success in all the endeavors of life. Hard work never fails for any person. The person that works hard will be faithful and diligent in all his ways. There are many people that work without passion as their idea is only survival but there are some people who work with passion that burns their heart in and out and they don’t have idea of survival but they will be focusing on thriving. They aim to thrive from one level to the other with dedication and commitment. Blake Goldring is the one of such person who joined in AGF as ordinary person but proved his abilities with passion for his objectives and goals and has risen to a top position in the same firm.

AGF firm

Mr Blake Goldring is a Canadian business man, leader, entrepreneur and Philanthropist with multi-faceted skills. He is a man of passion who thrives in all the position in his career. Joined as employee in a bank, he took a leap in his career and joined in a firm called AGF. This is an investment management company that serves institutional and retail investors. Their service has been considerable and appreciative in all the aspects of investment irrespective of any kind of investment.

Quantum leap

Since blake goldring is a man of versatility he had spent his skills in various positions such as international banking and corporate banking in Bank of Montreal. Straight after his graduation he joined in Bank of Montreal and had gathered wide range of experiences. But he left the job to join in AGF.  In AGF he had the quantum leap as he joined as analyst but later appointed as Chairman, President and CEO of the firm. It did not take many years to reach this level from analyst as he proved his versatile abilities and lifted to top level in the hierarchy.

 Many Ways to Serve

After becoming a President and CEO of AGF he did not stop there He birthed a non-partisan organization called Many Ways to Serve aimed for supporting the Canadian Military families and Canadian Military by uniting the community leaders.