The banner stands displays the ads of particular products in order to promote the business of the companies. The new way display company in Singapore offers several unique featured banner stands with high quality. Hence the banner stand Singapore offers many types of banners with good features. The illumi standing light box is the latest model in the market that offers many facilities to satisfy the needs of the customer. This type of banners are light weight and portable which can be carried easily around the required areas. The stands are slim in nature and offered by recent technologies to display the ads in an effective way.

Banners with unique frame sets and

Showflex is the fabric display model with a unique frame design and different shapes to hold any kind of products. The complete back wall can be exhibited within a few seconds to get stayed and attached to the system. Moreover the easy transportation is possible by choosing the bags for both hard case and the soft cases. The foam board stands can be used for the roadside shows and exhibition booths with the beautiful appearance of facilitating required shapes. The penguin banner stands are accompanied. Zipper closure and pillow case graphic for boosting the good appearance with light weight features. The frames of the stands are eye-catching for advertising the customer needs. The stands are very strong and durable that can be fitted with just three steps.