How many people today would agree that technology has brought forth the greatest tools of communication and mobilization than the world ever would have managed in a millennium? Blogging started off as a result of internet technology which enabled writers to share their ideas online. But why online? Technology saw the fall of most of the means of communication and interactions of before. People used to read newspaper articles and books, but with time things changed and they lost interest with the introduction of the internet and its technology.

Why do people blog? Depending on your preference, you could be doing it for fun, or because you have an urge to campaign against a rising social behavior or activity. You could be blogging just because you love writing and so becomes a way to showcase your works of “art” since writing is an art, and you could be doing it because you are a professional in a certain area and feel that sharing your expertise with other people may be helpful in one way or another. at the end of the day, you have to sit back and think whether blogging for money will work for you. Who wouldn’t want to earn from writing, anyway?

But then, how will you make your blog earn you a few cents every day and give your bank account something impressive at the end of the month? This is how:

Advertise, advertise and advertise

Advertising is basically promoting a product or service of your ownership or someone else’s, but which you trust and believe can be of use to other people.

Why advertise?

Advertising is promoting. It helps clients and customers learn more about the product or service on sale and even saves them the trouble of having to surf the internet looking for options.
Advertising in a way sieves these options for you and presents the best that can be offered. If you are advertising your own products and services, you will be profiting twice by getting people to read your work and at the same time purchase what you are selling. Isn’t it great?

People are always on the internet looking for this or that. Honestly, this is usually the most time-consuming task you will ever engage yourself in, wouldn’t you agree? This is because surfing through the net in search for certain products or services is like looking blindly, especially when you don’t know people who can offer you the best of what you are looking for at the budget you have planned for.

Advertising, therefore, makes it easy for customers and prospective clients to learn about your services without having to stress much. Actually, the only thing they need to do is sit back and watch a short video then access the products by simply clicking. Life made easier? Yes, you could say that!

How to go about advertising

You can’t just wake up one day and decide that you are going to advertise or market some products and services in your blog. Well, you could, but the chances of failing are pretty high. So, have a plan, to begin with, and have a good one for that matter. Know exactly what you want to achieve at the end, and make a strategy of how you will get there.

After having everything perfectly mapped out, make the next step of developing your writing and improving your styles and increasing audience. You would want your message to reach to many people. And if your blog can do that, then it can as well get more clicks and purchases on the ad that you may embed at the end or somewhere in your blog article.

People should also know who you are and what you do!  Isn’t this the best way to sell anything? It’s like running for a political seat. People will not vote you in if they don’t know what you do or what you want. Build a name for yourself first, and to do this, you have to be pretty good at communicating with people especially in social media. Once that is done, you can now write your content and after getting several responses and a good enough audience, you can then go ahead and start advertising/marketing.

A good plan will get you the best results, but only if the plan is actually good. Most people have the disadvantage of getting discouraged by their results after spending so much time attempting to perfect themselves. But how will you know if your plan will work prior to enacting it? You could begin by asking around from people who have succeeded before. You could also read blogs online and you’ll be sure to come across several of them which have ads. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and ask yourself if the ads you are seeing can convince you enough to purchase the products they are selling. If so, then you have found what you were looking for; kudos!

Advertising is great, but only if you know what you are doing. You could advertise or market products on the following platforms:

Google AdSense, Click Bank, Commission Junction, and among many more

Sell your own

While advertising and marketing other people’s products could get you a lot of money, selling out your own could earn you much more! You have a blog, and with it, you can do whatever you want because it’s yours. But watch it so that you don’t blow your only chance of making a difference in your life financially.

Sell your products and services. You could be a chef setting up a cuisine blog. That could be one way of letting people all around the world know of the services you provide. Remember that if your writing is outstanding, your readers may really want to see you and even access your services. Therefore, make your content awesome. Be unique in how you do it because that will determine if people like you and your services or not. Also, be original and many people will reach out to you.

If you do not have a business or services to sell or advertise, you could choose to begin. Work on yourself. You could write an eBook and advertise it, and you could as well begin hosting events and advertise them too. Whatever it is you are interested in could be turned into a lucrative business and you can rest assured of results.