God loveth the clean, is a famous old saying which holds true even today and for centuries to come.  Las Vegas the city which never sleeps has no time to clean its carpets.  Professional carpet cleaning by several companies does the much-needed carpet cleaning in and around the 30-kilometer radius of Las Vegas.  The best among them is Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning.  At Rs. 20 per clean with an assured guarantee of 100 % cleanliness or for free in itself says about the professionalism of the company and justifies its number one status in cleaning carpets, upholstery and area rug cleaning in Las Vegas.

  • Family Cleaning :

      We clean carpet is more than 60 years in carpet cleaning in Vegas.  Started in 1957 as a family business with the motto to be best in whatever they do have earned the trust among the Vegas people.  The earned trust has made them the preferred and much sought after carpet cleaning contractors in Las Vegas.

  • Professionalism in cleaning :

      The educated, certified and experienced contractors will do the cleaning professionally and as quick as possible.  Any emergency cleaning of carpets or upholstery in Vegas is done by these professional contractors more than their competitor Zerorez.  This is because no extra charges are levied for any emergencies.  The experience of the contractors helps to provide the perfect cleaning according to the fiber content of the carpet.  The free tips on maintenance depending on the fiber of the carpet and the dangers of using soap in cleaning and the importance of vacuuming the carpet periodically are given by the experts in cleaning.

  • Varieties of cleaning :

      It is not only cleaning carpets the usual way but the various methods for the different kinds of cleaning issues.  Disinfecting, deodorizing, spraying, spot finding, hydro jet, steam and ottoman cleaning are all done depending on the requirements of the nature of the carpets and their condition.  Patented six-inch overlap for carpets and four-inch overlap for upholstery provides the best cleaning.  The Shutout product protects the fiber from excessive let out of dyes from the carpets.  The Urine X removes the odor of pets urine in carpets.

    Years of trust, experience of contractors and the technological streamlined cleaning make Las Vegas carpet cleaning the one stop solution  for all carpet and upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas.