More and more of us are using the self storage as the way to store some special or even not special items. The uses of this self storage and mini storage are as varies as the needs of customers and the industry itself has changed a lot to meet those needs. The self storage is not just someone putting the items, they no longer need in the workplace type room, but this has expanded to be more convenient and to meet with every type of needs.

There are many companies offering the storage rooms to the people, because people now require the storage service regularly. This is also used while relocating home from one location to another. To help the Hong Kong customer, the new service has started to help them. There, they are having their own professional team, and it can provide reliable and timely file transport services. The staffs accompanied are rigorously and professionally trained, responsible, dedicated, courteous and friendly, based upon the customer own documents.

They are helping the people by means of picking up the file box from your place and if the box is to be preserved in different location, then they will make shipping the boxes to main office. There, they can get their files easily. For high security, they are using SAP enterprise management repository, the boxes with the barcode label. On each time while moving the file box, the bar code scanner can help you to ensure the access to information correctly.

 The transportation time for the files is from 10am to 6pm. After booking is successfully made, all documents will send to the office within 2 to 3 days. The express delivery facility is also available here for any urgency.

Advantages of file storage:

  • Solve the administrative departments of the file storage trouble in order to provide the storage space, file delivery, file destruction, and the file records.
  • The professional file systems management programs can reduce the excessive workloads of an executive branch, thus optimize the human resource.
  • It makes use of the office space, not an additional staff management warehouse environment, warehouse materials.
  • According to the various number of documents charges, there is not a rest place; there is no need to waste the extra space for the resource resources.