To the so many features are having for tap share application for example in the same time user was post the multiple images at a time. In this method was so use full to the user. Create a virtual catalogue, tell a sequence story to create an album, incorporate more video, alphabetical test, show your products in action, show your result, and use the text in your image.

Create a virtual catalogue:

The user could post the multiple images that would accumulate likes and attention separately from one another or user could do a single post featuring several images. The user created a scrollable catalogue in on the post, the user was used it to display seasonal and color options as well as show the single item.

Tell a sequential story:

The user was let’s post several images or videos in a sequential series show events in the order they happened. And then the user was creating a post that relies on a sequence of events to each image or videos detailing steps in the process.

Create an album:

The user posted multiple images can offer for more photos to someone of interested enough to click through and provide the primary highlights for one of the less interested. And then add the features of album let to display a panorama of images that into the single square.

Incorporate More Videos:

It’s the user was post the more videos at a time for example post a ten videos at a time user can deeper and over deliver. Tap Share – How To Draw applications just like a post a video get around this applications limit, so each video on tap share has a time limit of one minute. The user was post ten videos into single multiple posts could take a limit of content video limit in the single post to take a time for ten minutes.

Text in user-uploaded images:

In the current user can only add one caption per post also including multiple- image post. The user was creative ways to use a tap share application with the help work around this and tell a story with text, images, and videos. The user was uploading images that include text drives are the viewer to swipe the next image post and continue to reading. Using this method user can engagement and test how many images user should use in a multiple images post.