A glimpse of whois

The fever of digitalization and internet has reached the corners of the worlds and nowadays, becomes an inevitable on human lifestyle. People have situations to know more details about the website on the internet. If you are one amongst with those needs, you have landed on the perfect place. Here, you can get more details about how to get information of a website. Since the populace of the website is increased on the internet, Whois is a service by using which you can find the basic information about the registered domain.

whois API

The information such as owner contact information, domain availability and status are the most common information you can find about the domain using the Whois. It also lets you to find the company with which the domain registered. There are many features available on whois and by using them; you will get additional information such as registration, expiration dates of domain, name server which the domain is using.

In general, the contact information of the domain can be changed by the owner of the website but it might take one day to get updated with the whois API. The Whois also provides the domain privacy or whois privacy protection in which the user can hide their information according to their expectation on their privacy.

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